Choozle CTO John Schnipkoweit on Creating a Dynamic and Diverse Workplace

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It’s no secret that the tech industry has a long way to go when it comes to combating bias in the workplace, and CTO John Schnipkoweit, although it was already a priority at Choozle, took it upon himself to create an even more dynamic, diverse group of Choozlers. This is especially true on the development team, where he hires more women than men – certainly not the industry standard.

In the past year, we’ve dropped job titles and removed the imposed hierarchies from the Product and Development teams, because, for us, the top-down approach hindered productivity and each team member’s potential.

The structure was leveled, yet we’re not a flat hierarchy – we’re a dynamic one. This means the roles of leader, facilitator, and coordinator shift depending on who has the most expertise in a specific area, thereby promoting inclusivity and empowering each individual on the team to take the lead on different projects. It also increases autonomy and peer-accountability.

Along with just being aware that diversity can and should be included in every hiring decision, it’s also important to remember that you could be placing bias – even when you don’t realize it.

Unconscious biases play a significant role in who companies hire, and they’re missing out on great candidates because of it. People aren’t aware that these unconscious biases influence everything from the job posting to their interview process.

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