Why HTML5 & Upcoming Webinar

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Why HTML5 & Upcoming WebinarA couple of weeks ago, Google made the announcement that its Chrome browser will no longer allow Flash ads to play or animate on pageload. And since this announcement Firefox has followed suit. Moving forward, all Flash content (including ads) in Chrome and Firefox will be paused automatically. The screenshot below depicts what a website will look like when Flash is blocked on Chrome or Firefox.

Chrome is the preferred browser on the Internet and has up to 48% share of the market, that translates into a significant amount of ad impression inventory. Google will still serve the Flash content for available impressions (even though it is paused), therefore the impression will count towards your CPM and ad serving costs. 

Looking to learn more about this change? Join us on Tuesday, September 22, 2015 at 12:00 PM MST for a quick webinar as we cover the key benefits of moving from Flash to HTML5. Register here.