What’s Your Post-Holiday Digital Marketing Plan

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During this holiday season, you’ve likely been ruining your digital marketing team on full throttle. But what happens once the holiday season is complete?

Here are a few actions that you and your digital marketing team can take post-holiday time.

1. Holiday traffic analysis. The holiday traffic is a great time to learn more about the success of the campaigns that you are running. Analyze what worked and what didn’t and apply it to your 2014 digital marketing plan. Here are a few questions to get you started:

  • What new campaigns/programs did you test during the holiday time, and what did you learn that can be applied going forward?
  • Which holiday offers drove the best conversions, revenue, etc., and which ones didn’t work that well?
  • How did your Black Friday and Cyber Monday promotions compared with other days?

2. Follow-up campaigns. Create a campaign for 2014 to capitalize on your new customers. Aim to get them to come back and generate more revenue. But one thing to remember is that your new customers might not be the end users for the products they purchased during the holiday season.

3. Just Do It. This might be a lot just as you are gearing up for the final holiday crunch, but stop dragging your feet and JUST DO IT. Start planning for your own post-holiday campaigns now!