What the HECK does CPA mean?

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Blog ImageWhen it comes to acronyms, the media industry is as guilty as any other for having its fair share. In the online media planning space, you’re probably already familiar with the acronym CPA. But what does it mean?

CPA or Cost Per Action is an online advertising metric, where the advertiser reports for each specified action that is specific for their advertising campaign. Actions could include (but not limited to): an impression, click, form submit (e.g, contact request, newsletter sign up, registration etc), double opt-in or sale.

How does it work

With Choozle once a Choozle Smart Container is generated and placed on your website, the Smart Container will seamlessly and immediately begin to place conversion pixels on the appropriate pages of your website. Conversion pixels allow you to track the success of your campaign by reporting back an action that the user has completed on your website after arriving through an advertisement. Not only will it tell you how many times this action has been completed, but it will also allow you to attach a dollar value to that action for revenue reporting. Once conversion pixels are placed, you will be able to see how many conversions are generated from each site, placement, banner, etc.

Using the Choozle platform, A conversion pixel is a short line of code that will be immediately placed on your conversion page (“Thank You” page). When the user clicks on one of your banners, a cookie will be placed on that user’s browser. That cookie records the time, site, placement, banner, etc. that the user clicked on.