What is Programmatic Creative? [Webinar]

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Blog ImageResearch suggests that ad engagement doubles when the consumer feels the creative of an ad unit is relevant to themselves and their interests. And as digital marketers, our greatest (and toughest) task is to anticipate and attain our consumer’s engagement to drive the growth of our brand. Yet, operating in a programmatic and real-time environment opens up opportunity to respond to engagement nimbly.

Fortunately, the newfound power of data-driven programmatic advertising has provided digital marketers an incredible opportunity to drive beautiful, high-performance and well-targeted digital marketing campaigns. Yet many marketers fail to recognize just how much of an advantage technology can give them to influence in this new age of digital advertising

 This industry webinar was recorded from a live audience recording on March 18, 2015, and explains what is, and how to maximize, programmatic creative in the Choozle platform.