What does ‘Big Data’ mean and why you need it in your 2014 planning?

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For digital marketers the term ‘Big Data’ refers to the substantial amount of data that is available that covers everything from transactional history, consumer buying behavior, interests, location, and so much more. In addition, ‘Big data’ refers to the ability to sense of this data through a variety of platforms.

‘Big data’ is a huge opportunity  for digital marketers to develop intelligent analytical tools to better reach their customers at the right channel, right time, and right device. More importantly, ‘big data’ allows digital marketers the ability to make data-informed decisions in real-time. Which basically throws ‘intuition’ or ‘gut’ out the window.

So really why you need ‘big data’ in your 2014 planning?

To make the most of your 2014 digital marketing plan you should strive hit your target audience. By understanding the full spectrum of your target audience you can create a plan that will best fit them. Using ‘big data’ you can target your primary audience but also target ‘lookalike’ audiences as a way to extend your digital marketing program. Using ‘big data’ in your 2014 digital marketing planning is just one way to stay in front of the digital trends.