Upcoming Webinar on Unlocking the Power of Programmatic for Agencies

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Unlocking the Power of Programmatic for AgenciesThe Choozle platform offers huge benefits for agencies. Choozle offers a simple, self-service platform that allows agencies to optimize their client’s digital marketing campaigns. On Tuesday, September 15, 2015 at 2:00 PM MT the Choozle Client Success team is hosting a webinar to we cover our experience on how agencies have adopted the use of programmatic as well as combatting some of the common challenges for agencies.  Sign up for the webinar here.

As a preview to our webinar we did some number crunching to find unlocking the power of programmatic with the help of Choozle. We analyzed data to find out the exact metrics associated with campaigns running on the Choozle platform. Across 350+ campaigns for agencies in the month of June, we calculated how many of each type of targeting (behavioral/data targeting, contextual, retargeting, geo-location targeting, and mix, which is any of the above four types of targeting layered on top of each other) and calculated how each type performed.

Screen Shot 2015-08-13 at 10.32.45 AM

The numbers above show that Choozle is a great resource for your agency. But, if you still need convincing, here are three more reasons!

  1. With the Choozle platform, you can build and run campaigns for your clients in minutes using Choozle’s real-time bidding platform. Because Choozle is a simple self-service platform, you will be able to understand the platform yourself, allowing you to create your own campaigns in no time; thus, you can spend your time efficiently.
  1. Choozle allows you to provide your clients unparalleled audience insights including demographics, purchase behaviors, and B2B information. Not only can you truly understand who your audience is through the insights Choozle provides, but you can also effectively target the right audience for your client’s product.
  1. Choozle is a scalable platform for your clients and your agency!

All in all, Choozle provides proven benefits to agencies. Through all the features the platform offers, the simplicity and functionality, and the proven strong results of campaigns, Choozle is the programmatic platform to fit all your digital marketing needs.