Understanding Buyer Clusters

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In the online advertising industry, the term ‘Buyer Cluster’ is used to describe a group of individuals that have similar purchase behaviors and demographics. These clusters can include everything from ‘Teen Girls’ to ‘Young Family’ profiles. With the use of our data partners the Choozle platform is able to create a composite of similar demographics and psychographic behaviors of your website visitors.

Domestic Diva: Home enthusiasts who focus on keeping a well-appointed home, believing that a home is a reflection of its inhabitants.

Simple Life: Primarily women who enjoy filling their homes with items that reflect their personality, and bring them joy.

Club Member: Men and women who purchase wine, books, gardening supplies and general merchandise from membership clubs.

Bargain Hunters: Bargain hunters who are strongly motivated by coupons and discounts when purchasing apparel, jewelry, tools, and household items.

Young Family:  Mothers who want to provide the best for their young children from educational playthings to quality apparel.

Teen Girls: Fashion-conscious teens who stay up on the latest trends.

For your next digital marketing and online advertising campaign use Buyer Clusters as a way to target larger like-audiences in ad distribution.