Transition from Flash to HTML5

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flashtohtml5Adobe’s Flash has long been bemoaned for its lack of cross-platform compatibility and costly security flaws. At long last, the tide is changing. Google has announced that September 1st its Chrome browser will no longer allow Flash ads to play or animate on page load. Instead, all Flash content (including ads) will be paused automatically.

At this point, you are probably asking – What does this mean for my digital advertising campaigns?  

Simply put, if you are using Flash creative units in your digital advertising campaign you should quickly switch to HTML5 (or other accepted ad formats). If you are currently using Flash creative units, you will still be able to run however your performance will be greatly affected. With quality, performance, and availability in mind, we will no longer accept Flash creative units after November 1.

HTML5, while not particularly new, will soon become the new standard in digital ads. HTML5, unlike Flash, works in the native language of the internet, allowing designers to create Flash-like experiences. If you didn’t know, our Ad Builder Tool is an HTML5 ad creator built by Banner Flow integrated into the Choozle platform. With the Ad Builder Tool, you can create large volumes of online ads with ease by dragging and dropping, in several languages and with variation, or A/B testing.

Looking to learn more about the Ad Builder Tool? Our Client Success Team has a few pre-recorded webinars about the Ad Builder Tool here.

As always, reach out if you have any questions about moving your ads to HTML5 formats. We’re here to help.