The SIMPLAmatic Volume One

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Welcome to The SIMPLEmatic—an exclusive source for updates and news from the great big world of digital marketing from your good friends at Choozle!

We all know that the acronyms RTB, DSP and DMP are popping up everywhere. But many marketers still don’t fully understand what they mean, or the impact they are having across digital media and advertising. And trust us, acronyms can get dangerous when people use them incorrectly. (LOL does not mean Lots of Love)!

Choozle Officially LaunchesWe have officially launched our new platform that enables any business to understand their consumers via rich visual insights then reach them seamlessly with real-time advertising.Take a look at our 1-minute overview! Choozle video
What the HECK is RTBThe digital marketing space is quickly moving into a real-time bidding atmosphere.  But  what does mean for digital marketers and how does it work? Rise of Digital SpendingIn a recent study, eMarketer estimates that digital advertising spending worldwide will grow 14.8% this year to reach $137.53 billion.  Read the study here:
Programmatic Is Leading the WayDon’t get left in the dust. A recent projection show that 59% of media buying will be done through programmatic channels by 2015. Read more: The Makegood Highlights ChoozleFor a quick overview of the Choozle platform check out The Makegood’s interview with our CEO & Co-Founder, Andrew Fischer. Get the full scoop here: 
Choozle Featured In VentureBeat To launch the new Choozle platform, VentureBeat snagged the scoop of our expanded features and capabilities. Read more: AMEX = 100% Programmatic It’s no surprise that the biggest digital advertising spender is seeing the value in programmatic media buying. Read more on how AMEX is moving their budgets to RTB: