Take Charge of Your Advertising Creative in Four Steps

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Blog ImageThe HTML5 Ad Builder tool, available to all Choozle customers, is the product of a partnership between Choozle and BannerFlow which makes composing creative units easy and inexpensive. The Ad Builder enables the creation and real-time modification of dynamic and engaging creative units, to empower you to bring creative and performance optimization to every facet of your Choozle campaigns.

In four easy steps, Choozle has empowered your use of the Ad Builder Tool with example-driven recorded webinars.

Step 1: Learn the value of producing dynamic and programmatic creative in your real-time ad campaigns.

Product: Ad Builder Tool 1.0 from Choozle on Vimeo.

Step 2: Get familiar with the Ad Builder Tool, it’s functionality and how easy it is to use.

Product: Ad Builder 2.0 from Choozle on Vimeo.

Step 3: Understand how to use the Ad Builder Tool to conduct A/B testing for creative content using Variations and Translations.

Product: Ad Builder 3.0 from Choozle on Vimeo.

Step 4: Take your ads to the next level by inserting XML file dynamic creative units.