Programmatic Advertising on Mobile with Choozle & Upcoming Webinar

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MobileAs marketers, you now have the ability to power real-time (programmatic) advertising campaigns across mobile web and mobile in-app mediums with ad network and exchange partners Apple, Google, and MoPub. This allows you to maximize your mobile campaign performance using the targeting and bid factor techniques that ensure you reach and engage potential customers across mobile channels.
Today, mobile advertising is becoming a more crucial part of the marketing mix  as companies develop more sophisticated methods to engage with consumers, influence their buying behavior, and even complete the sale via mobile device.  Targeting and ad placement are a few things to take into account as you are planning your programmatic mobile campaign.

What type of targeting is available for mobile web VS. in-app?
One of the most powerful aspects of mobile advertising is that it gives marketers a variety of options to test different targeting to further refine their campaigns. But as you are planning take into account the targeting that is available for mobile web VS. in-app.

For mobile web campaigns you can target potential customers based on:
  • Data targeting including Demographics, Purchase Behaviors, and B2B information.
  • Geolocation targeting including defined DMAs, city, states, and zip codes.
  • Contextual or Site List Targeting.
For mobile in-app campaigns you can target potential customers based on:
  • Geolocation targeting including defined DMAs, city, states, and zip codes.
  • Contextual selections of mobile apps (sports, games, etc.) for both Apple App Store and Google Play
What is the difference between mobile web VS. in-app?

Mobile web advertising is when a mobile user opens a browser on their mobile device and an ad is shown on a publisher’s website. With the growing rate of mobile users it no surprise that businesses have increased their mobile advertising strategies at a staggering pace.‭ The ability to connect potential customers as they are on the go is apart of the appeal. According to Gartner, the mobile advertising market will continue to be driven by smartphones and tablet devices, which will enhance growth to $19 billion by 2015.



In-app advertising is when a mobile user is shown an ad in a particular app on their mobile device. In-app mobile advertising is seeing some of the biggest growth of all advertising media, and is becoming a major revenue source for app developers. The reason why: Smartphone users are spending more and more time with apps, not with web browsers.




Just like all programmatic advertising campaigns, mobile advertising campaigns are never really “done”; it’s an ongoing process that enables you to build, measure, learn, and repeat the process over and over until you receive valid, repeatable results.


Want to learn more Choozle’s mobile capabilities? With limited inventory, rising competition and increasing customer use, it’s important to understand best practices to maximize your mobile campaign budget. Join us on Friday, March 6, 2015 at 11:30am MST as we highlight Mobile In-App Capabilities during our Introduction to Mobile In-App Capabilities Webinar.

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