New Features: HTML5 Uploading & Video Optimizations

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We’re always trying to make things easier and better for you as you execute your AWESOME digital advertising campaigns.

Which is why we are excited to announce the most recent additions to the platform – HTML5 Creative Uploading and Video Ad Group Optimizations. 

HTML5 Creative Uploading

Selecting HTML files or ZIP files that contain HTML, CSS, JS, and Image files are now accepted when uploading Display and Mobile creatives in the creative library. Once uploaded in the creative library, these creatives are available to use in Static Display and Mobile ad groups.

If you are uploading a single HTML5 file, all information for serving the creative (with the exception of commonly used JavaScript and CSS libraries) should be included in the HTML file. If you are uploading a ZIP file, all files must be in the root level of the ZIP archive file and cannot contain any nested folders

In addition, Flash is no longer an available creative type. Any ad groups currently running Flash will continue to run, but will be phased out once the campaign ends.

Video Ad Group Optimizations

Easily manage your video campaigns to reach the right video user with an ad that is delivered in-view, on-target with the option to include or exclude In-Banner Video players in Advanced Settings of an ad group. When the checkbox is checked it will exclude In-Banner and Unknown player sizes in the available inventory.

As always, you maintain complete control of your video campaign from start to finish with access to every metric along the way—viewable from the Choozle platform.

Looking to get more information about these newest features? Join our webinar on April 5, 2016 at 2:00pm MST for a deep dive into how to use HTML5 uploading and video ad group optimizations.