New Auto-Optimization Features & Upcoming Webinar

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Choozle was founded on the idea that industry-leading digital marketing tools should be easy to use and available to everyone, not just the biggest and richest.  This drives the Choozle platform to innovate every day – keeping their clients on the forefront of the Programmatic world.  Choozle has recently added its newest innovation to the platform: Auto-Optimization tools, found in the ad group creation advanced settings.

Check out some of our favorite improvements, all of which will be enabled by default:

Ever wondered how to complete the spend of your budget quickly? By default, your campaign budget will be spent evenly throughout the campaign, which is recommended for ad groups with broad contextual or behavioral targeting constraints, or small budgets. For retargeting or ad groups with smaller audiences, consider turning pacing off to ensure you can bid on and win all available impressions.

If you have multiple creatives included in your ad group, by default Choozle’s creative auto-optimization will automatically weight impressions to the creative assets that are performing best. If you want versions of creative to be served evenly, regardless of performance, turn off this setting.

Supply Vendor
Choozle’s supply vendor auto-optimization will default to allow your campaign to secure impressions with vendors whose inventory is best achieving the ad group’s goal. Of course, you can also turn off this optimization so the system will serve evenly across vendors with inventory matching the target of your ad group by disabling this function.

Site List
If you are looking to take the guesswork out of optimization using site lists, leave the default site auto-optimization enabled. When enabled, a site list is automatically created and added to limit bids on inventory that is achieving the ad group’s goal.

Want to learn more? Join our upcoming webinar, “New Feature: Auto-Optimization,” on Tuesday, December 25, 2015, at 11:00AM MST., for a deep-dive into the functionality of this new feature.