In LOVE with Programmatic This Valentine’s Day

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INLOVELove is big business and with more than half of the U.S. population (61.8%) due to celebrate Valentine’s Day. As well as a quarter of consumers will shop online for Valentine’s Day, so it is essential for brands to reach lovebirds with relevant gift ideas through digital advertising campaigns.

As you begin to plan your Valentine’s Day campaigns, leverage Choozle’s rich targeting tools and data sources to find the right consumers. Here are a few audiences from the Choozle platform to use for targeting in your programmatic advertising campaigns.

Valentine’s Day: This category contains people who have declared an interest in Valentine’s Day, or have declared an interest in dating and relationships, or romance literature, television, or movies. Also, this category contains people who have declared an interest in products normally purchased on Valentine’s Day such as flowers, candies, cards, etc.
Potential Reach: 28.02M

Flower Buyers: These consumers find plenty of occasions to purchase fresh flowers, plants, and related accessories for their loved ones.
Potential Reach: 5.88M

Gift & Cards Buyers: Gift & Card buyers love to give gift baskets or collectables, as well as the perfect card to match each occasion.
Potential Reach: 14.33M