Importance of Creating a Programmatic Plan

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So, you’re bringing programmatic advertising into your business. You’ve worked with leadership, identified your operators, and established offerings. But, why is it important to take these steps and build out your programmatic plan?

1. It gets everyone on the same page
Following the steps of Platform Enablement Guide allows everyone within the company to get on the same page regarding this new technique and technology you are bringing in-house. Working programmatic throughout the entire company ensures that knowledge is spread and if turnover happens there will always be someone who knows the processes and offers that have been put in place.

2. Helps Establish Goals
Once everyone is on the same page, establishing the overall goals for campaigns will be a natural next step in your programmatic plan. Understand what the end result should be and how your team can achieve this goal to ensure an efficient and effective campaign. The performance of a campaign will relate directly to the realistic goals that are put in place. Keep in mind, it’s unrealistic campaign goals that cause most campaigns to flop before they even begin.

3. Maintains Processes
Working through a programmatic plan not only gets everyone on the same page and establishes the goals for campaigns, it helps ensure that the processes your company chooses to place for their digital advertising efforts stay. Think, the way you choose to make money, how optimizations are made, and what reporting needs to be pulled. All of these will play a key roll in the success of bringing programmatic advertising in-house and running successful digital advertising campaigns.

Your programmatic plan doesn’t have to be complex – outline the major pieces your company wants to align so all those involved in the programmatic process are aware of goals and expectations. This not only brings all minds to think of programmatic in the way your company wants to run it but brings a sense of ease to bringing a new technology in-house.