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 How Does Real Time Bidding Work

How Does Real Time Bidding Work?

Real-time bidding has changed the face of online advertising, but there’s still confusion around what it actually is. Instead of having to go through a trader to purchase ad space, as it was traditionally done, advertisers are now able to purchase ad space within 200 milliseconds, automatically.




Will Programmatic Media Buying Ever Rule the World

Will Programmatic Media Buying Ever Rule the World?

Programmatic media buying is one marketing trend that only continues to grow in popularity and usage. With more than 7 trillion digital display ad impressions available in 2016, automated media execution processes leveraging technology and data (programmatic advertising) now power over 65% of digital display media execution.


Goals for Digital Advertising Campaign

Determine Goals for Your Digital Advertising Campaign

Determining the goals for your digital advertising campaign is one of the most important steps in the media strategy process. The goals you decide to use for your campaign create a pathway that could lead to the success of your marketing efforts.


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