How Choozle Guards Against Ad Fraud

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Have you had experience with ad fraud during a digital advertising campaign? If not, are you worried about ad fraud? Have no fear! Choozle is here to help you guard your campaigns against the bots and misrepresentation.

At Choozle, if a client believes a CTR is suspicious, we will investigate. Also, we have three tier prevention system that we have placed across every campaign and every Choozle customer to avoid ad fraud.
1. DSP Exchange Level Blacklist – this is blacklist already formed that blocks any known fraudulent sites, pornography sites, and known bad actors.
2. Less Relevant – these are sites we deem as fraud, but the DSPs don’t because levels aren’t high enough at the ad exchanged level to be deemed that
3. Low Quality – low quality is any site that has a low Viewability or any bad performing sites


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