Fall In Love With Digital Advertising

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Love is in the air and digital advertising is on the rise! We’re well beyond the advertising rush of the holiday season, but there are always great seasonal segments within reach, anytime of the year.

Whether you’ve been hit by Cupid’s arrow or not, make sure to take advantage of the increased web traffic. People will be online shopping for flowers, jewelry, and chocolate while also making dinner reservations or buying tickets to shows and events. They could also be clicking on your ads in the midst of Valentine’s frenzy.

Screen Shot 2016-02-12 at 8.13.05 AMEven if you don’t offer a product or service that directly relates to Valentine’s Day, you could consider updating your creative assets with seasonal messaging to draw in your target audience.

Winter in general also offers great targeting opportunities. People nationwide are heading to the mountains to take advantage of prime skiing and snowboarding conditions. And with some long weekends coming up, interest in travel will only increase.

If you feel behind on your campaign planning, programmatic is the way to go. There are platforms that allow you to create relevant digital creative by building professional HTML5 ads with no prior design or coding experience. Programmatic also offers means to quickly select target demographics, and gain detailed insight reports to measure key metrics.

So shake off those winter blues and refocus your digital marketing strategies. Taking advantage of heightened web traffic and increasing brand awareness and can lead to conversions by customers you didn’t even know you had.