Digital Marketing “Grows Up” in 2014

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As we wrap up another year, it’s time for all to reflect on where the digital marketing industry has been and where it will go. Moving into 2014, we expect to see greater strides towards efficiency and profitability for the entire online marketing and advertising ecosystems.

Here’s what we see happening for digital advertising in 2014:

Quality drives results – With all the 1st party and 3rd party data that is now available, brands and agencies will no longer “gamble” on the quality of media, understanding that the “gamble” will cost them in brand reputation and campaign results. Data will be utilized to mitigate risky advertising as well as to drive ROI.

“ROI is King” – Brands will do a lot less experimenting and will spend their budgets on channels that drive results; that will be true for mobile, video, native, social. Brands and agencies will focus on channels that are driving results and will only use those as a part of the marketing mix.

Brands look to gain control over their digital marketing – In efforts to drive efficiency and profitability brands will look to strike a new balance between agencies and their in-house teams.  More and more brands will be taking control of their digital marketing and bring more of the work in-house.

What are your predictions for 2014 for digital marketing?