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Digital Advertising Targeting Strategies for TravelThis time of year, planes, trains, and automobiles are whizzing in every direction, bringing some people home for the holidays while launching others to faraway lands so they can escape Aunt Lucy’s fruitcake for at least one holiday season.

Even those who can’t escape the fruitcake this year are online booking their next getaway, planning ski trips, spring vacations, and even summer destinations. Don’t miss the bus – capitalize on all this online activity and make the most of this busy season for programmatic media buying.

There are dozens of great data segments targeting users who love to travel, including segments that target people traveling specifically for the holidays. 

The following segments from Exelate make it easy to target millions of people who have the travel bug.

Contextual targeting is also a smart move. Travel sites see so much traffic this time of year and you can make sure people see your ads as they plan their next adventure. Check out some of the great categories listed below:

Follow these tips and you’ll be on track to reap in the benefits of the travel season. So start planning and start packing! And don’t forget the fruit cake – at least it’s better than airplane food.


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