Determining Your Audience for Digital Advertising

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Determining Your Audience for Digital AdvertisingOver the last several years that has been a shift of consumer buying behavior to the online space. With this change it is more important than ever before to define your target audiences in your digital advertising campaigns. Defining the target audience for your digital advertising can help you tailor content as well as help you determine which marketing methods may be most beneficial to your business.

Knowing your target audience is key to developing an effective online advertising plan.

Get to know your existing customer base. Since they have purchased from you before, you can use them to gather insight that will help you identify your core target audiences. Do your current customers buy more of certain products and services? Identifying your best-sellers can not only help you make smarter inventory decisions but also shape your messaging to reach more consumers who may purchase these items as well.

Today, the average consumer uses over 10 sources of information to make a purchase decision, up from just five sources in 2010. This makes it more important than ever to know your target audience so you can build a marketing plan that reaches your target audience where and when they are most likely to discover and engage with your business online.

Building Audiences With Ease