Denver Startup Week 2017 Sessions – VOTING IS OPEN

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Choozle has submitted SEVEN panels for Denver Startup Week 2017. Take a look at the panels we’ve submitted and visit to place your vote!

Startup PR

We’ve all experienced the struggle to get the press our startup deserves. This dilemma caused many startups to ask themselve’s, “At what stage should I bring in outside resources to help with my startup?” And even, “What is the actual value in hiring a firm or consultants to take care of your PR?” Well have no fear – startups in Denver and their PR firms have the answers for you. Hear from two Denver startups on how they have handled their PR and the firms they are working with now!

Building a Brand Voice with Storytelling

Consumers are more likely to buy products and services from brands that they connect with. This need to create a bond between consumer and brand has storytelling rising above the ranks within many different companies strategies. Learn what steps you can take to understand your brand voice and how to include that in your marketing and sales efforts!

Serving the Mobile Masses in Real Time

We know you’ve seen this picture – dozens of people walking down 16th street mall with their faces buried in their phones and no awareness of their surroundings. We have become a ‘mobile’ society. Consumers are tied more and more to their mobile devices (Smartphones, Tablets, Smartwatches, etc.) for every menial task. As a result, it is most important for advertisers to reach customers at the right location and with the right ad. This panel will discuss the technologies used in mobile and location-based advertising including geo-fencing, mobile retargeting via past locations, and attribution of a mobile campaign with in-store visits. Additional client-based touch points may include: understanding the difference between cookie-based targeting and device-ID targeting, analysis of the technology vendors in the market, and what works best in which situations for agencies and brands alike.

Mastering Customer Segmentation

Not all clients are created equal. Determining how to segment clients in order to best align internal resources with the appropriate client segments can be quite an undertaking that’s constantly evolving. Client segments are often based on revenue, but can also span other criteria such as industry, training needs, geography, etc. In order to effectively scale operations and capitalize on revenue opportunities, you’ll need to implement and maintain the right client segmentation strategy for your business.

How to Prepare for the International Expansion

Are you ready to take your startup internationally? Learn more about the hiring processes and visas involved with international expansion, how you can prep for international laws – including data laws, and the cultural differences startups will experience with international growth.

Karsh Hagan and Choozle Partner for Digital Media Transformation

One of Denver’s longest-lasting and most successful advertising agencies, Karsh Hagan, embarked on a mission in early 2017 to transform their digital media practice by implementing a self-service programmatic digital advertising platform. They tested multiple leading platforms in the space including Denver’s own advertising technology firm, Choozle. This panel will include key members from both Karsh Hagan and Choozle as they review and discuss challenges and victories around the adoption and scale of Choozle’s platform.

Coding the Gender Gap

There are varying statistics about a number of women developers in the work force, most studies never mention a number above 20%. While in the past few years there have been many positive strides to close the gender gap in STEM fields, there is still a lot of work to be done. This panel discussion will be lead by a makeup of women developers talking about how they broke into the software engineering career, their experience in a predominately male field and why it’s important to recruit and maintain women in technical roles.