Why Collaboration and Flexibility is Important in Digital Advertising

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Technology is constantly changing. One minute we’re using a desktop with dial-up internet and the next we’re looking up everything on our phone from social media to weather to driving directions. These changes are not only being seen in the technology of devices but in the technology of digital advertising.

History of Digital Advertising

First Banner Ad

Yahoo debuts search ads


YouTube releases pre-roll ads

Twitter launches promoted tweets

Programmatic grows to more than $2 billion

With the constant changes that have happened and will continue to happen in digital advertising, it’s important that your team works together and is flexible with the changes. Why?


Each person has different knowledge, different skills, and different strengths. Have your team work together on projects in order to spread the knowledge that one person holds to multiple people, and build the strength and skills in one area that may be a weakness to another person. Collaboration ensures that when new technologies and strategies are brought into your business, that knowledge doesn’t just live with one person. Turnover can and does happen. Work together to keep your company in the know and don’t fall behind if that know-it-all leaves will all the information.


Flexibility is also important not only for the individuals in a group but the entire group as a whole. New technology and innovations will disrupt your business. Having the mindset of being flexible will allow the technological changes to be adopted quicker and even encourage your employees to continue learning something new. What works one day may not work the next in digital advertising. Be resilient with changes but understand what is now being brought to the table. At one time, no one knew what programmatic was. It only took one flexible advertiser who was willing to try something new to push an entire wave of adoption.