ANNOUNCEMENT: Choozle Integrates with TapAnalytics

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ANNOUNCEMENT- Choozle Integrates with TapAnalyticsYour digital marketing just got easier with Choozle’s integration into TapClick’s TapAnalytics dashboard.

You now have the ability to consolidate all your marketing efforts and reporting—including your Choozle digital advertising campaigns—into one dashboard. Just like Choozle, the TapAnalytics dashboard focuses on ease of use and populates actionable information within your dashboard to help you focus your campaigns, not sifting through complex optimization strategies.

TapClicks, Inc. is a marketing technology company that delivers complete digital marketing reporting and analytics platforms to digital agencies, media companies, and enterprises, for improved marketing ROI. By partnering with TapAnalytics, Choozle ensures that marketers can consolidate their digital advertising performance metrics into a unified digital dashboard to better understand the effectiveness of their campaigns across multiple channels and help ensure they reach their ROI goals.

If you are a user of TapAnalytics, below are four simple steps that show you how to configure Choozle in your dashboard:

1) Log into your TapAnalytics dashboard ( and click the Manage Services button.


2) Use the search function and type in Choozle.

3) Select Choozle and enter your account information.


4) Add to your dashboard and assign to clients.


The TapAnalytics platform is constantly evolving by adding new integrations to create the most flexible marketing analytics platform on the market. The full list of publicly availably digital marketing tools available in Tap Analytics can be found here.