5 Ways that Data-Driven Display Increases ROI

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5 Ways that Data-Driven Display Increases ROIEvery time you open your browser, display advertising is constantly being utilized. That website you visited yesterday because you were looking for a new pair of jeans? Now their ad is next to the article you’re reading online. Programmatic and display advertising is key to increasing your brand’s conversions, sales and return on investment. Find out the five ways data-driven display increases ROI below!

1) Operational speed and efficiency: Keeps track in real time what sites potential customers are visiting, and then serves those customers ads to keep your brand trapped in their minds. The right message gets put in front of the right people at the right time on the right platform (Choozle!) in real time. The data-driven display makes that happen.

2) Transparent tracking and reporting: With Choozle’s platform, you can see just how well your campaign is doing by tracking the metrics associated with it: conversions, win rate, CPM, CPA…the benefits are endless! Choozle is also incredibly upfront about where the data you’re seeing is coming from. As seen in the picture below, we tell you what the source of the data is. In the example below, the insight information of male visitors is coming from Experian, one of our many data partners.Screen Shot 2015-06-30 at 3.19.23 PM

3) Increases targeting potential: Choozle’s platform allows you to target your audience using multiple targeting types: retargeting, IP targeting, geo-location targeting, contextual (or category) targeting, and site list targeting. A number of targeting options allows you to increase your ability to find your ideal customer and thus, increase sales.

4) The ability to optimize and recalibrate campaigns in real time: Choozle allows you to track your campaign metrics, as said above, but you can also edit your campaign if you want to change something, or if it is not performing up to your standard. In addition, you can easily create a new campaign identical to another one of your campaigns by cloning it, making it shorter for you to create campaigns. In less time, you have a larger reward.

5) Ability to effectively leverage data: Use data to your advantage by tracking who is visiting your website. Using Choozle’s platform, we provide you with audience insights that help you further use this data to help promote this brand even more, thus allowing you to find and build the right audience.

In summary, a data-driven display is key to increasing your return on investment through its operational speed and efficiency, transparent tracking and reporting, increased targeting potential, the ability to optimize and recalibrate campaigns in real-time, and the ability to effectively leverage data. On top of this, using Choozle platform has features and tools to further help you find and build your target audience and increase sales.



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