4 Data Brands that Can Enhance Your Digital Marketing Campaigns

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Quality of data is crucial to optimizing an advertising campaign and reaching the audience that is most likely to buy your product, drive awareness, or drive engagement. Higher quality data allows for more informative details regarding the audience for your brand. Below are summaries of four data partners’ available data types that can enhance your campaign performance and ease your campaign optimization!

1) Acxiom: Collects public information which may then used by groups for audience targeting, content and offer customization, and analytics and reporting. Some of the types of information Acxiom collects include:

  1. Individual demographics: occupation, education, gender
  2. Age
  3. Household demographics: marital status, presence of children, head-of household information
  4. Financial: income, net worth, investment preferences
  5. Interests
  6. Technology: device types
  7. Behavior: charities, media channel preference, green living

For example, if you are selling solar panels, you can use Axiom data to target people who have interests in the environment and green-living behavioral preferences that would indicate a potential interest in buying solar panels.

2) BlueKai: Specializes in “in-market” data, which are consumers who intend to buy a particular product or service in the near future. Some of the types of information BlueKai makes accessible include:

  1. In-market real estate data: consumers visiting real estate sites or filling out requests for information
  2. In-market travel data: consumers who have searched for flights, hotels, car rentals
  3. In-market retail data: consumers who have interest in clothing, video games, orautomotive parts

BlueKai data is useful because it is precise in reporting data and what the audience is interested in.

3) Forbes: Forbes and its Premium Data Platform offer access to a highly affluent and connected audience of insiders, innovators, and influencers. Forbes Premium Data is arranged by channel: Business, Lifestyle Technology, Investing, Thought Leaders, and Entrepreneurs. Advertisers can choose from any of these channels and the sub categories within each channel to reach audiences that are either broad or niche.

4) Dataline: Provides consumer information, analytics, and modeling applications. The Datalnk digital audience includes:

  1. Consumer transactional buyer segments (online or offline?)
  2. Demographic data: income, age, generational age bands
  3. Vehicle ownership information
  4. Magazine subscribers

Dataline captures the buying behavior of multi-channel consumers and identifies true buyers, not browsers, to find even more unique audiences.

Knowing your targeted audience is essential to growing your business. That is why the quality of data that you’re using is immensely important to your business, and makes growing you’re business possible. Using strong data types like Acxiom, BlueKai, Forbes, and Dataline, your audience can substantially grow.