4 Benefits of Creative for Digital Advertising Campaigns

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Blog ImageCreativity is key for digital advertising campaigns because more visually engaging advertisements lead to a stronger impact among consumers, meaning more recognition for your brand and more sales for your product. By creating innovative advertising units, marketers can increase the effectiveness of their campaigns by using programmatic media buying technology to further expand your campaign reach. Discover the four ways creativity can benefit your digital advertising campaign below!

  1. Longer Lasting and More Memorable: The simple reality is that an engaging advertisement will last longer in consumer’s minds. Whether it is witty, comical, powerful, or original, a highly creative ad is more likely to make the consumer choose that company when they find later on that they are in need of that product.
  2. Builds a Fan Community Faster: Creative messages get more attention and more positive attitudes about the products being marketed from their consumers. In addition, they are more likely to engage the audience and the product advertised. When the audience more engaged, word of mouth increases. More creative campaigns spark more discussion of these ads and thus, extend the audience from just those who saw the campaign.
  3. More Effective: According to a study done by the Harvard Business review, when a euro was invested in a highly creative ad compared with other ads of similar products, on average, this led to double the sales impact of a euro spent on a noncreative advertisement campaign. Thus, creative advertisements are more valuable and create higher sales.
  4. Works with less media spending: More effective creative advisements can allow for other parts of the ad budget to be significantly reduced. Not only can this lead to higher revenue by cutting costs, but this can also allow for reallocating your marketing budget to other parts of the business in need of it.

Ultimately, if people choose not to engage with your digital advertising campaign, your company is wasting money. This is why creativity, especially in the digital environment, is critical to the success of your campaigns. A more creative advertisement benefits you, and can positively affect and influence purchase behavior of your product.