3 Ways to Analyze your Holiday Campaign with Choozle

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3 WaystoAnalyzeyourHolidayCampaignThe biggest online holiday shopping rush is behind us. While online holiday shopping traffic will continue through the December 25th, now is a great time to review your current campaigns and optimize for the best return. While there are several aspects to analyze below are a few measurements to review to maximize efficiency for future campaigns.

1. Click-through Rate (CTR)

As a general rule of thumb, a 1% CTR is acceptable, 1-4% CTR is good, and anything greater than 4% CTR is great. A poor click-through rate is typically a sign of ineffective creative, lack of alignment with audience, or both.

2. Impressions

The number of views your ads receive is a crucially important metric, especially for awareness campaigns.If you are not serving as many impressions as desired, there are a variety of adjustments you can make to boost these figures:

Broaden your target market to increase available inventory. If your scope is too precise, win rate can suffer.

Win rate is a major factor in generating impressions.

Look at increasing your overall budget.

3. Win Rate 

Without winning any ad space in the real-time bidding wars, your campaign doesn’t stand a chance. Here are some general guidelines for very healthy win rates based on campaign type. If your win rates are not falling within the corresponding range, this is only problematic if you’re unhappy with impressions served.

Retargeting: 50-70%

Behavioral: Large Audience: 10-20%

Small Audience: 30-40%

Contextual/Site/Category: 10-20%

Audience Discovery (Run of Exchange): 5-10%

Leverage programmatic media buying across the extended holiday season and take advantage of you analysis of our current campaigns to maximize success of your campaigns.