Reporting [Webinar]

Reporting can be a hassle. Luckily while Frank in Accounting is stuck creating complex Excel files, you can use Choozle to PDF reports with the click of a button. This short product webinar from Choozle will show you this simple but helpful functionality. And maybe throw in one or two cheesy programmatic marketing jokes.


The Programmatic Opportunity [Webinar]

The Programmatic Opportunity [Webinar]It’s almost impossible today to read anything about digital marketing without someone mentioning programmatic. Simply put, programmatic is the process of buying media in an automated fashion through digital platforms. This automation process presents a lot of opportunities for marketers.
On Tuesday, July 22, 2015 at 2:00 PM MST, the Choozle client success team hosted a webinar that took a deep dive into the opportunity that programmatic media buying offers and how to best take advantage of it.

Choozle in Two-Minutes

d077f2e0f323036add982823436b07182294208cOur goal at Choozle is to make digital advertising EASY. To that end, Choozle distills multiple complex systems into a intuitive and effective digital marketing platform.

Now we’ve created a short video that explains Choozle and shows how we leverage data to power targeted digital advertising campaigns (see below). You now have a great resource to inform your colleagues and partners about Choozle, and programmatic media in general! (more…)

Retargeting [Webinar]

Retargeting has become a common word in Marketing circles, yet most Marketers have the misconception that ‘retargeting’ is just about targeting existing site visitors or site abandoners.

This webinar was recorded live on Tuesday, July 28, 2015 at 2:00 PM MST and highlighted the key aspects to any digital marketing strategy.

Alphabet Soup: Digital Advertising Glossary

Copy of Facebook CoverIt seemed like online advertising was going the way of Wall Street with the emergence of the exchanges, DSPs and SSPs — turning into a sort of obscure acronym soup. With even more acronyms focused on data, segmentation, movement, attribution and management it easy to get lost.

Don’t worry we will offer some clarity to this Online Advertising Alphabet Soup.

Ad Exchange: Ad exchanges are technology platforms that facilitate the bidded buying and selling of online media advertising inventory from multiple ad networks. The approach is technology-driven as opposed to the historical approach of negotiating price on media inventory.


Announcement: Choozle Campaign Creation Process Upgrade

New Ad Group FlowWe started Choozle as a platform that would bring Programmatic to the People, and in turn make digital marketing EASY!  We’re constantly striving to implement new features into our platform that make your lives easier.

With this is mind, we’re excited to present an upgrade to our campaign creation process.

Simply put, this upgrade will allow you to take even fewer steps to get your campaigns running. See this new upgrade here.

Want to learn more? Join our upcoming webinar, “New Feature: Campaign Creation,” on Tuesday, August 11th at 1:00pm MT, for a deep-dive into the functionality of this new feature.

Three Myths about Programmatic Media Buying

Three Myths about Programmatic Media BuyingWith increased access programmatic media buying, consumer and B2B brands are finding the value of this new digital media buying process and are taking the process in-house. As a result, myths have emerged about the process of programmatic media buying and the results that it provides. Here are three of the top myths about programmatic media buying debunked:


Myth #1: There’s no transparency.

Based on how advertising campaigns (even traditional media buying) are executed, many marketers are unable to determine if they are efficiently reaching their target audience in their digital advertising campaigns. As a result, marketers are already wary and uncertain if their online spend is being spent efficiently and effectively. This level of uncertainty is why marketers remain wary of programmatic media buying.


Now Hiring: Campaign Coordinator

ZZ-v3e4_0yc69bC1BxoOTDgJXQtXruGCpztlj9kSQV0Choozle Overview

Choozle is disrupting the ad technology ecosystem. We are a fun, hard-working crew that is tackling a large problem by powering a SIMPLE marketing platform that enables any marketer to efficiently drive return-on-investment. Choozle is SaaS based platform and is quickly growing its client base of top notch consumer brands and innovative advertising agencies. This is a unique opportunity to join a high-growth venture funded digital media startup as we make waves in the online ad technology industry.


5 Ways that Data-Driven Display Increases ROI

5 Ways that Data-Driven Display Increases ROIEvery time you open your browser, display advertising is constantly being utilized. That website you visited yesterday because you were looking for a new pair of jeans? Now their ad is next to the article you’re reading online. Programmatic and display advertising is key to increasing your brand’s conversions, sales, and return on investment. Find out the five ways data-driven display increases ROI below!

1) Operational speed and efficiency: Keeps track in real time what sites potential customers are visiting, and then serves those customers ads to keep your brand trapped in their minds. The right message gets put in front of the right people at the right time on the right platform (Choozle!) in real time. Data-driven display makes that happen.


Viewability 2.0 [Webinar]

Viewability 2.0 [Webinar]Viewability is one of the most talked about topics in the advertising industry – but with all the discussion and recent updates to definitions and standards, it can be hard to keep up.
There are several strategies that marketers can apply to any digital advertising campaign to help optimize viewability as well as improve the performance of their campaigns.
On Tuesday, July 14, 2015 at 2:00 PM MST, the Choozle client success team hosted a webinar covered issues related to viewability and understand viewability options for your brand or agency!

ANNOUNCEMENT: Choozle Integrates with TapAnalytics

ANNOUNCEMENT- Choozle Integrates with TapAnalyticsYour digital marketing just got easier with Choozle’s integration into TapClick’s TapAnalytics dashboard.

You now have the ability to consolidate all your marketing efforts and reporting—including your Choozle digital advertising campaigns—into one dashboard. Just like Choozle, the TapAnalytics dashboard focuses on ease of use and populates actionable information within your dashboard to help you focus your campaigns, not sifting through complex optimization strategies. (more…)