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In-Stream Vs In-Banner
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In-stream and in-banner are two forms of video ads readily available within online advertising. Both in-stream and in-banner video ads offer various benefits for different reasons. Let’s dive into what these two forms of video ads are and how they … Read More

Estimating in Programmatic [Webinar]
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How to estimate in programmatic is a common question that often arises. It is difficult to find the balance between the art of bidding and the science of¬†available inventory. It is important to understand how programmatic and inventory work together … Read More

Roles For Self-Serve Digital Media Buying
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As agencies look at self-serve digital programmatic media buying platforms, they are asking, “How many people do we need to run this programmatic platform?” Generally, it depends on the marketing program needs and goals. A $1 million national branding campaign … Read More

Feel Like an Olympian with Programmatic | Choozle SimplaMATIC
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Feel Like an Olympian The 2016 Summer Olympics are in full swing and bystanders cannot help but feel the competitive spirit. However, marketers always strive to achieve GOLD with every digital advertising campaign. LEARN HOW   How Can Publishers Leverage … Read More

Why Does CTR Matter? [Webinar]
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In digital advertising, the click-through rate, or CTR, is a metric frequently obsessed over. This is the most common metric for measuring campaign success and represents how well the ad converts a viewer into an engaged potential consumer. This webinar … Read More

Feel Like an Olympian: How to Overcome Programmatic Hurdles
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The 2016 Summer Olympics are in full swing in Rio and bystanders cannot help but feel the competitive spirit in every aspect. However, it doesn’t just take the Olympics to make marketers strive to achieve GOLD with every programmatic marketing … Read More