Creativity and Data Collide With Programmatic

Creativity and Data Collide With ProgrammaticCreative marketers have access to more data on their customers than ever before, but using this data to drive the creative process can be overwhelming. While digital advertising has typically been focused on campaign performance, marketers have realized how much Data can drive the creative process and output.

Using the idea of a buy cycle as a guide can help determine the type of creative elements to include in your advertisement. This is one way to implement segmentation to target users throughout the buy cycle and deliver contextual creative and messaging. (more…)

Mobile App vs. Mobile Web

Mobile App vs. Mobile WebWith the growth of mobile enabled consumers it is common to question if you should be focusing your efforts on mobile app or mobile web? You may be asking yourself, where does the user spend the most time? In general, people are spending increasing amounts of time on the iOS and Android devices, with an average of 2 hours and 42 minutes per day. Over time, how people have used this time has changed. (more…)

Determining Your Audience for Digital Advertising

Determining Your Audience for Digital AdvertisingOver the last several years that has been a shift of consumer buying behavior to the online space. With this change it is more important than ever before to define your target audiences in your digital advertising campaigns. Defining the target audience for your digital advertising can help you tailor content as well as help you determine which marketing methods may be most beneficial to your business. (more…)

Building Audiences with Ease [Webinar]

Building Audiences with Ease [Webinar]For the greatest ROI digital marketers at small business are turning data-driven advertising campaigns to ensure they are reaching their target audience. The marketer wants the ability to target their audience based on interests and location for all their advertising campaigns.

Choozle makes it easy for any marketer to build and launch campaigns that reach their desired target audience.


How should I organize my digital advertising campaigns?

With contextual, retargeting, behaviOrganizing Your Digital  Advertising For Successoral, video, display and more targeting options, organizing your digital advertising can be challenging. Don’t worry we’re here to help you optimize your campaign organization so you can spend time on what is actually important- Driving ROI. Perhaps you’ve asked yourself: what should the flight time be for my campaign? How should I structure my targeting? What strategy should I use? See the answers below!


Top 3 Tips for Allocating Funds for a Campaign

Blog ImageIn order to optimize budgets and drive strong returns, business must effectively allocate funds when starting an advertisement campaign. To do so, diversifying across campaigns and weighing the financial risks against their returns is critical before starting any campaign. In order to get the most views possible for your ad relative to your budget, follow the three tips for allocating funds for a campaign below.


Digital Advertising Campaign Planning

Blog ImageThere is a lot of moving parts and steps to planning any advertising campaign. Thus, it is difficult to determine how much time you should exactly allocate to plan and execute your campaign. With the power of programmatic media buying you can easily launch campaigns in real-time. But there is a delicate balance between developing creative and insightful ads, which are highly time and labor intensive, and being able to create campaigns quickly.


What is happening with the RTB industry?

Blog ImageThe real-time bidding (RTB) industry has become a significant element in the digital advertising ecosystem, with no signs of slowing down. The improvement in return on investment is encouraging advertisers, advertising agencies, media buying agencies, and publishers to take an interest in real-time bidding. In fact, there is robust growth forecasted in the spending of RTB.

What exactly is RTB? (more…)

Programmatic 101 [Webinar]

Programmatic 101 [Webinar]Programmatic is here to stay. Interpublic Group of Cos.’ buying arm Magna Global projects that programmatic spending will reach $9.8 billion in the U.S. this year, or about 20% of the overall digital-ad market. With this growth more brands are moving advertising dollars to programmatic technologies because of the efficiency and accessibility. (more…)

4 Data Brands that Can Enhance Your Digital Marketing Campaigns

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Quality of data is crucial to optimizing an advertising campaign and reaching the audience that is most likely to buy your product, drive awareness, or drive engagement. Higher quality data allows for more informative details regarding the audience for your brand. Below are summaries of four data partners’ available data types that can enhance your campaign performance and ease your campaign optimization!