Viewability 2.0 [Webinar]

Viewability 2.0 [Webinar]Viewability is one of the most talked about topics in the advertising industry – but with all the discussion and recent updates to definitions and standards, it can be hard to keep up.
There are several strategies that marketers can apply to any digital advertising campaign to help optimize viewability as well as improve the performance of their campaigns.

ANNOUNCEMENT: Choozle Integrates with TapAnalytics

ANNOUNCEMENT- Choozle Integrates with TapAnalyticsYour digital marketing just got easier with Choozle’s integration into TapClick’s TapAnalytics dashboard.

You now have the ability to consolidate all your marketing efforts and reporting—including your Choozle digital advertising campaigns—into one dashboard. Just like Choozle, the TapAnalytics dashboard focuses on ease of use and populates actionable information within your dashboard to help you focus your campaigns, not sifting through complex optimization strategies. (more…)

How Intent Data Leads to Better, More Personalized Marketing

How Intent Data Leads to Better, More Personalized MarketingWhat is “intent data” and how can it be used? Data is crucial to the success of your programmatic advertising campaign, as it provides insights around customer desires and habits. Intent data hones in on the signals that indicate a person is in the market for your product. For the automotive industry, Choozle provides targeting for users who have demonstrated intent through make/model searches, car configurations, and dealership quote requests on online automotive sites. This type of targeting can help you reach in-market auto users on some of the top ten automotive sites.


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Copy of Facebook CoverChoozle Overview

Choozle is disrupting the ad technology ecosystem. We are a fun, hard-working crew that is tackling a large problem by powering a SIMPLE marketing platform that enables any marketer to efficiently drive return-on-investment. Choozle is SaaS based platform and is quickly growing its client base of top notch consumer brands and innovative advertising agencies. This is a unique opportunity to join a high-growth venture funded digital media startup as we make waves in the online ad technology industry.


Data What? How to Use Data to Refine Your Strategy [Webinar]

Data What? How to Use Data to Refine Your Strategy [Webinar]
 Choozle has a lot of data. With everything from 1st party data to 3rd-party data, have you ever wondered what good strategies you can utilize within Choozle to maximize your use of data?
Learn how branded data, purchase behaviors and exclusions can help empower your Choozle strategies in the attached video!
In this webinar we covered:
-How to use data to build an audience
-The type of data available within the Choozle platform
-The tips and tricks for selecting data for audience targeting

3 Best Practices for Setting Up Campaigns With Sensitive Content

Facebook CoverWhile display advertising is an incredibly powerful strategy, it’s important to recognize that it may not be a great fit for every business. However well-intentioned it may be, there is a variety of restrictions on advertisements with sensitive content. All the major ad networks set t restrictions on the promotion of several sensitive topics, including content related to tobacco, marijuana, and dating. Below are three best practices if you are setting up a campaign that promotes sensitive content. (more…)

Creativity and Data Collide With Programmatic

Creativity and Data Collide With ProgrammaticCreative marketers have access to more data on their customers than ever before, but using this data to drive the creative process can be overwhelming. While digital advertising has typically been focused on campaign performance, marketers have realized how much Data can drive the creative process and output.

Using the idea of a buy cycle as a guide can help determine the type of creative elements to include in your advertisement. This is one way to implement segmentation to target users throughout the buy cycle and deliver contextual creative and messaging. (more…)

Mobile App vs. Mobile Web

Mobile App vs. Mobile WebWith the growth of mobile enabled consumers it is common to question if you should be focusing your efforts on mobile app or mobile web? You may be asking yourself, where does the user spend the most time? In general, people are spending increasing amounts of time on the iOS and Android devices, with an average of 2 hours and 42 minutes per day. Over time, how people have used this time has changed. (more…)

Determining Your Audience for Digital Advertising

Determining Your Audience for Digital AdvertisingOver the last several years that has been a shift of consumer buying behavior to the online space. With this change it is more important than ever before to define your target audiences in your digital advertising campaigns. Defining the target audience for your digital advertising can help you tailor content as well as help you determine which marketing methods may be most beneficial to your business. (more…)