Digital Marketing For The Changing Seasons

Digital Marketing For The Changing SeasonsAs fall ends and winter approaches, it’s the perfect opportunity to think about revamping your digital marketing campaign. Keeping a watchful eye on the calendar and aligning your marketing campaign with the changing seasons can be incredibly essential to gaining clicks and conversions—find out the three reasons why below!

1) Digital marketing allows you to make adjustments easily and regularly. With platforms like Choozle, you are able to stay up to date with your advertising campaign more easily and more cost effectively. All it takes is to upload new creative and adjust your targeting and budget if need be.

Digital allows you to change your message quickly and easily to fit the time of year. For example, if you’re having a Halloween discount, you can easily change your campaign to be centered on this promotion. Because of the sheer feasibility of changing your digital message, you are able to change your campaign with the changing seasons in order to be more relevant in your customer’s eyes.


Making The Most of Your Digital Advertising Budget|Client Success Corner

Making The Most of Your Digital Advertising BudgetWhen it comes to digital marketing, the only thing worse than overspending is underspending. After all, you spend time allocating money, building campaigns and targeting audiences, so when it’s time to send those little dollars off into the programmatic world, you’re ready for them to go. It’s like when parents send their beloved kids off to college. Sure, you’ll miss having little Edgar at home, but it is time for him to learn how to do laundry and to accept that string cheese and Red Bull don’t count as dinner.

Choozle is here to help you make the most of your budget, so check out some of our tips to ensure you meet your goals during the busy season of programmatic advertising.

Daily Campaign Budget Estimator When you start a new campaign, Choozle has a neat little feature that takes into account your overall budget and the length of your campaign to produce a recommended daily budget. This helps make sure your budget is spent evenly throughout the course of your campaign, while encouraging the system to spend your budget in its entirety.


Reach Holiday Shoppers Everywhere with Cross Device

Reach Holiday Shoppers Everywhere with Cross DeviceAs the holidays are approaching, it’s the perfect time to take advantage of all the people browsing and shopping online. After all, there’s no better time to increase your return on investment and conversions than the holiday time, when people are constantly thinking about what presents they should get their loved ones. One of the best strategies to reach the maximum amount of people possible is to run your campaign on multiple devices.

What are all the different devices that I can advertise on?

The Choozle platform allows you to advertise your brand on multiple devices. This includes display advertising (on computers), advertising on tablets, and advertising on mobile. In addition, our digital marketing platform campaigns on social, video and display mediums, so that you can diversify where and what kinds of ads you’re running.


Saying Goodbye to the PPC Bidding Model with Programmatic

Saying Goodbye to the PPC Bidding Model with Programmatic

Pay-per-click (PPC), quite a concept. I remember “buying traffic” for my clients way back in ‘98 when few companies had web sites and even fewer knew how to implement online marketing. was the service of the day (which later became Overture) and Google Adwords would not be born for another two years. Yes, this was truly “back in the day” and I was buying the keyword “Las Vegas” for a nickel. A freakin’ nickel – and people thought I was crazy!

We began PPC advertising for a tour based web site and before long, developed a model to share with our growing list of clients. Overture made it easy to create ads and set the price you were willing to pay per click. All you had to do was sit back and watch the traffic pour in – until the rest of the world started using the same strategy. The only thing Joe Competitor had to do to steal your thunder was bid a penny more. And in retaliation, all you had to do was bid a penny more than Joe. Thus the cost of traffic gradually went up and up and up. Goodbye cheap, high quality traffic.

Enter Google Adwords. The awesome search engine that started Google’s rise to world domination first offered paid advertising in 1999 but did not offer their PPC model until 2002. Up until that point, advertising within Google was all done on a CPM (cost per mille impressions) basis. The CPM model is based on impressions, meaning you pay a fixed price for every 1,000 impressions that are served. Google made a ton of money this way, so why did they stop? Well, they realized they were leaving literally millions of dollars on the table. Why charge everyone the same for each 1,000 impressions if some of the advertisers are willing to pay more for a single click? (more…)

Thankful for Tips for Last-Minute Holiday Campaigns

Tips for Last-Minute Holiday CampaignsThis holiday season, retailers are looking to mobile marketing to connect with busy, on-the-go shoppers.

Online shopping on mobile devices has recently overtaken desktop for the first time, and 52% of website visits are now made via mobile phone. It’s the right time to get your mobile strategy in place, and it’s not too late to attract holidays shoppers looking to check items off their lists via their personal device. For those of you that have waited till the last-minute to launch your holiday campaigns, here are some tips for you:

1) Optimize for Mobile.

30% of mobile shoppers abandon a transaction if their user experience isn’t optimized for their mobile device. Make sure your emails look stunning across all platforms. (more…)

Don’t be a turkey with your digital advertising | November Targeting

November  Digital Advertising Targeting SuggestionsThe pumpkins are carved, the turkey is bought, and all of your digital advertising holiday campaigns are ready to go. Right …? If so, then great! You’re on track to reap in all the benefits of the year’s biggest shopping season. If not, there’s still time to get your ads in front of the hoards of people who will flock online in the coming months.

Don’t get swept up in a whirlwind of tinsel and regret. With Choozle’s dynamic (and extensive) catalog of seasonal data segments and contextual categories, programmatic advertising is as easy as pecan pie.

Viewability: What Is It?

Viewability- What Is It?In the digital marketing and programmatic space, viewability is a hot topic. But, what exactly is viewability and what does it mean for your brand? Find out what the hype around viewability is below!

A display ad is considered viewable if at least half of the ad’s pixels are in view for at least one second on the page. For a video ad, half of the ad’s pixels must be in view for at least two seconds on the page to be considered viewable. There is a variety of different reasons as to why an ad would not be considered viewable such as: an inactive window, the video or ad is out of frame, or the audio is muted on a video ad. While many advertisers are concerned that their viewability rates are low, it is important to keep in mind that this does not mean fewer people are viewing your ad than if you were to buy an advertisement in a magazine or billboard, for example. Because programmatic advertising allows for quantifying how many people are viewing your ad, low viewability rates have become a hot topic. Though, if you were to buy that magazine ad or billboard ad, you wouldn’t know the viewability rates associated with that ad. (more…)

5 Tips for Adopting Programmatic Agencies

5 Tips for Adopting Programmatic AgenciesProgrammatic may be a complex landscape to navigate, but the reality is that it’s a necessary component of digital advertising. Big agencies are committing to programmatic—according to Forbes, almost half of agencies expect to use programmatic for 60% of the budgets by 2015. The question is, how does it fit into your agency, and how to you seamlessly adopt programmatic? Read below for 5 tips for adopting programmatic at your agency!

1. The Learning Phase

This is especially important because it dictates how you come to understand what programmatic is and how it can fit into your agency. Learning the programmatic process involves explaining programmatic-related terms in detail, such as the process of media buying through real-time bidding. By breaking down programmatic into simpler terms and observing how other agencies use programmatic in their digital marketing pursuits through case studies, you will be able to get a sense of the industry and how your agency can use it. (more…)

Client Success Corner | Slicing Your Digital Advertising Strategies

Digital Advertising Targeting StrategiesDivide, Conquer, and Save Room for Dessert

With such a wide arsenal of targeting tools offered by Choozle, it can be challenging to pick the right strategy. Even worse, it can be tempting to pick them all. It’s just like Thanksgiving. You arrive at your in-laws eager to chow down on some perfectly seasoned poultry, visions of scantily clad potatoes mashing themselves while whispering sweet nothings into the ears of corn. When it’s finally time to eat, you rattle off a few things you’re most thankful for (Family. Friends. Choozle.) and begin to pack your plate. Before long, you’ve built a contender for the 8th wonder of the world and head to your seat, licking your lips and leaving a trail of string bean casserole tying you to your crime. You’ve done too much. And 10 minutes into your feast you’d gladly trade your corduroys for a hospital gown.


Industry: Start Planning for the Holiday Frenzy [Webinar]

Industry- Start Planning for the Holiday Frenzy [Webinar]With online holiday spending alone estimated at $46.5 billion (Comscore) in 2014, the season is make-or-break time for brands, with fierce competition for consumers’ attention. The battle starts now, with brands reserving their all-important digital advertising inventory for Q4.

There’s a lot at stake in deciding where and how to spend your holiday budget in the complex and often confusing world of digital channels,
platforms, tactics and strategies.

This webinar was recorded live onTuesday, October 27, 2015 at 2pm MDT and we took a deep dive into programmatic media buying tips for holiday campaigns. (more…)




The Sales Executive will own a geographic territory and spearhead our revenue and sales development in the respective Region. The position is ideal for someone who wants to scale with a high-growth, venture-funded, SaaS advertising technology company. The ideal candidate has prior experience in digital media and/or ad-tech sales, with extensive agency, media, and digital marketer relationships. They have expertise in selling and running digital media (programmatic preferred ), but also have the background and aptitude for closing enterprise platform partnerships (self-service recurring revenue). This position will report to the CEO and have tremendous exposure and upside potential including a competitive salary, scalable commission plan, full benefits, and a stock option package. If you’re a proven hunter/closer with strong interpersonal skills and desire to make an impact in a fast-paced, high-growth digital environment, please forward your information for immediate consideration.


Now Hiring: Ad Operations Specialist

ZZ-v3e4_0yc69bC1BxoOTDgJXQtXruGCpztlj9kSQV0Position Overview:
The Choozle Ad Operations Specialist will work with the Ad Ops team in the execution of Choozle customers’ digital media plans, from creative specs to trafficking to launch, and everything in between. Using ad operations know-how and troubleshooting, the Ad Operations Specialist will assist both the Ad Ops and Client Success team to provide a seamless campaign experience for all of Choozle’s customers.

Job Responsibilities:

  • Support the Ad Ops team in the execution of Choozle customer’s campaigns.
  • Be an expert in RTB buying strategies, optimization algorithms, and data visualization as it relates to Choozle and our partners.
  • Become an expert in best practices for the Choozle Platform, and our other partners’ platforms in order to offer insights on how to improve campaign effectiveness through the platform’s functionality.
  • Manage internal and client facing reporting and responsibilities
  • Manage Choozle’s tag management system and conversion pixels/tracking for our customers.
  • Managed and optimize digital advertising campaigns for multiple customers simultaneously.
  • Understand and effectively communicate Choozle’s value proposition, technology, processes, and partnerships, as they relate to growth of current customer accounts


The Programmatic I/O Cheat Sheet

The Programmatic I:O Cheat SheetCouldn’t make it to the AdExchanger’s Programmatic IO event last week? No worries, I took some notes. Here are some of the most interesting takeaways from a bunch of geeky folks focused on advertising technology:

AdBlocking – probably THE hot-button topic for programmatic in 2015:

  • The Issue: Adoption of AdBlocking is growing across all demographics and is estimated to cost $10.7 B in 2015 to advertisers and publishers.
  • Why is Ad Blocking growing?
    • User Experience: invasive ad formats annoy consumers and also degrade the user experience.
    • Speed: heavy loads slow down consumers’ desktop and mobile browsers.
    • Cost: data costs related to advertising on a mobile phone can cost a consumer up to $10/month in data.
  • AdBlocking is getting easier for consumers, especially with simple app downloads for mobile. It’s being fanned by Apple who supports an app environment that isn’t supported by ads (especially 3rd party ads and apps).
  • This erodes the “tacit agreement” between publishers and consumers: publishers provide “free” content, and users “pay” for through exposure to advertising. Publishers must fight back:
    • Major publishers like Washington Post and Axel Springer are blocking content to consumers if they use ad blockers.
    • May also foment the rise of paywalls.
  • Solution: TBD, but “new” the solution will need to be driven by an improvement in the consumer experience. Online advertising must positively complement their experience and-and not cost them money/data.