Why Is Mobile Essential to Your Digital Marketing Strategy?

Why Is Mobile Essential to Your Digital Marketing StrategyMobile advertising spending continues to increase according to new figures from eMarketer. In 2015, mobile ad spending in the US is expected to increase 50.0%, reaching $28.72 billion and accounting for 49.0% of all digital ad spending. By 2019, mobile ad spending will rise to $65.87 billion, or 72.2% of total digital ad spend.

Which is why it is no surprise that a smartphone’s screen has become the primary channel for research and shopping, with 4 out of 5 consumers using their handhelds to make a purchase.

Programmatic media buying offers the ability to reach your target audience with your message on the correct device to keep them engaged. Here are a few reasons why mobile is important to your overall digital marketing strategy

  1. Always on, always connected: Your mobile device is seldom switched off and always within arms length of you. This means that it’s always on and connected which gives you the opportunity to advertise 24/7 in moment that it is relevant.
  2. It’s personal communication: You can create mobile advertising campaigns so that they take on the form of direct communication to the recipient or viewer. This can drive engagement and it makes it more personal.
  3. Target your audience: Whether you are targeting based on geolocation or behavioral, make sure you are using this information to tailor your marketing campaigns to your desired audience.

Mobile advertising is a smart marketing method when applied correctly. If you are interested in starting with a mobile advertising campaign, contact us and we will help you with your campaign.


Take Charge of Your Advertising Creative in Four Steps

Blog ImageThe HTML5 Ad Builder tool, available to all Choozle customers, is the product of a partnership between Choozle and BannerFlow which makes composing creative units easy and inexpensive. The Ad Builder enables the creation and real-time modification of dynamic and engaging creative units, to empower you to bring creative and performance optimization to every facet of your Choozle campaigns. (more…)

Now Hiring: LAMP Stack / QA Developer

Choozle AnnouncementJob Description

Seeking a skilled, full stack developer with a wide range of skills to help with anything & everything from APIs to using the command line for git deployments to assisting with QA & javascript tweaking.

Specific skills required – PHP, PHPUnit, Continuous Integration systems (Jenkins, Hudson, Bamboo, TeamCity, etc.), Experience with fully automated deployment (with the aid of Capistrano, Fabric, etc.), Experience with Vagrant or Docker for development & testing, CakePHP, git, javascript, MySQL & Apache-administration.

Optional skills, but a big plus – Selenium or similar testing framework, BDD testing (Codeception, Behat, etc.), Ajax, jQuery, html, css & experience with responsive frameworks.

In addition to the listed skills the ideal candidate will have excellent problem solving skills, experience with code optimization & the ability to learn quickly.

Linux command line skills are necessary in order to manage releases to our live sites.

This position would require availability from 8AM to 4PM Mountain Standard time & would also require that you be available for Google Hangouts a few times a week. We have an office in downtown Denver but our development team works remotely part of the time as well.


What the HECK does CPA mean?

Blog ImageWhen it comes to acronyms, the media industry is as guilty as any other for having its fair share. In the online media planning space, you’re probably already familiar with the acronym CPA. But what does it mean?

CPA or Cost Per Action is an online advertising metric, where the advertiser reports for each specified action that is specific for their advertising campaign. Actions could include (but not limited to): an impression, click, form submit (e.g, contact request, newsletter sign up, registration etc), double opt-in or sale.


Choozle at eMerge Americas May 4-5

logo-emergeWe’re excited to leave our cozy office and head to Miami, Florida for the eMerge Americas conference at at the Miami Beach Convention Center on May 4-5, 2015. We will be apart of the hundreds of innovative entrepreneurs and startups from throughout the country attending this conference.

Choozle will have a booth set up in Booth F01 on the Expo floor- across from the NBCUniversal area. Through out the two days our team will be on site to provide demonstrations of the Choozle platform as well as talk more about how we can power your digital marketing efforts.


How to Integrate Programmatic Into Your Marketing Strategy

Blog ImageProgrammatic media buying is one tool that can be adopted into your current marketing strategy. Programmatic media buying can save you time, money, and help you deliver relevant ads to a targeted audience in an efficient way. Embracing this technology as part of your media strategy can help you make the most of your digital marketing budgets.

Programmatic buying allows brands to use audience insights and technology to tailor messages to the right person, at the right moment, in the right context. It helps brands respond to real-time signals on an impression-by-impression basis across screens and across channels. For example, if a mom’s online shopping gets interrupted with errands, programmatic buying can help the retailer she was visiting reach the mom on her smartphone as she shifts to shopping on-the-go. That’s just one of an unlimited number of scenarios brands can use to engage audiences with programmatic buying.


Choozle Volunteer Day: Family Promise of Greater Denver

Choozle_1In 2015, Choozle made the commitment to giving back to the communities where we work and live. Once a quarter the Choozle team dedicates a day to give back to the local nonprofits in the Denver area in an efforts help to create strong communities in which everyone can flourish.

On Friday April 17, the Choozle team spent time with the dedicated team at Family Promise of Greater Denver. Family Promise is a nonprofit organization committed to helping low-income families achieve lasting independence. Their integrated approach to ending homelessness starts with meeting immediate needs but reaches much further to help people achieve independence and to alleviate the root causes of poverty. (more…)

Programmatic 101 & Upcoming Webinar

programmatic101Programmatic is here to stay. Interpublic Group of Cos.’ buying arm Magna Global projects that programmatic spending will reach $9.8 billion in the U.S. this year, or about 20% of the overall digital-ad market. With this growth more brands are moving advertising dollars to programmatic technologies because of the efficiency and accessibility.

But programmatic buying isn’t as complicated as the jargon makes it sounds. Just like any other marketing campaign there are many steps to reaching your brand’s campaign goals. Best practises for campaign success evolve alongside the programmatic market, so it’s important to always fine-tune your campaigns.


Introducing The Ad Builder Tool [Webinar]

adbuilderLast week we announced our integration of BannerFlow’s powerful automated ad production platform!  The Ad Builder Tool is an HTML5 ad creator that allows marketers the ability to create professional ads to use for their ad campaigns across mobile, display and social mediums. With the Ad Builder Tool marketers can create large volumes of online ads with ease by dragging and dropping, in several languages and with variation, or A/B testing. (more…)

Announcement: Choozle Integrates BannerFlow’s HTML5 Display Ad Creation Tool

Choozle Announcement We are PUMPED!  We just announced Choozle’s integration of BannerFlow’s powerful automated ad production platform!

The integration enables every Choozle customer to utilize BannerFlow’s easy-to-use drag and drop builder to create and edit a large amount of professional HTML5 banners of multiple sizes at the same time. The ad creatives can then be leveraged in Choozle ad campaigns across mobile, display and social mediums.


What is Programmatic Creative? [Webinar]

Blog ImageResearch suggests that ad engagement doubles when the consumer feels the creative of an ad unit is relevant to themselves and their interests. And as digital marketers, our greatest (and toughest) task is to anticipate and attain our consumer’s engagement to drive the growth of our brand. Yet, operating in a programmatic and real-time environment opens up opportunity to respond to engagement nimbly.