Tips for Digital Advertising Creative Sizes

Tips for  Digital Advertising Creative SizesWhen choosing what sizes your creative ads will be, there is strategy involved. Should you go with common sizes or uncommon sizes? What’s the difference between the two? What will optimize my click through rate and impressions won? Find out all your creative size related answers to your questions below!

Non-traditional ad sizes may be daunting to run at first, but it’s important to know all the information concerning them before you start your campaign.

1. There’s less inventory: less common ad sizes don’t have as large an inventory as common ad sizes.


Determining Campaign Objectives & Strategy

Determining Campaign ObjectivesYour campaign strategy with Choozle depends heavily on your advertising or marketing goals. Choozle can help you design your campaign to help you succeed at reaching those objectives. As you are setting up your digital marketing campaign here are a few questions you should ask yourself pertaining to your campaign objectives and strategy.

Question #1: Who is your target audience?

The first question you should ask yourself in determining your campaign objectives centers around the audience that you are looking to reach. The following points below refer to the different types of campaign targeting you can utilize to reach the respecting audience: (more…)

Why Creative Still Matters in Digital

Why Creative Still Matters in DigitalIn the programmatic world, data is often the focus of campaigns—what is the CTR, impressions served, and win rate surrounding the ad campaign. Nonetheless, the creative is still an instrumental part of any advertising campaign, whether that campaign is using retargeting data, behavioral targeting, geo-location targeting or contextual targeting. Here are the top 3 reasons why creative still matters in digital.


Now Hiring: Sales Account Executive



The Account Executive will spearhead our revenue and development in the Eastern and/or Western Region. The position is ideal for someone who wants to scale with a high-growth, venture-funded SaaS company. The ideal candidate has prior experience in digital media and/or ad-tech sales, with a depth of agency, media, and digital marketer relationships. This position will report to the CEO and have tremendous exposure and upside potential including full benefits and a stock option package. If you’re a proven hunter with strong interpersonal skills and desire to make an impact in a fast-paced, high-growth digital environment, please forward your information for immediate consideration. The ideal candidate will have the ability to move into a management position based on performance. (more…)

Why HTML5 & Upcoming Webinar

Why HTML5 & Upcoming WebinarA couple of weeks ago, Google made the announcement that its Chrome browser will no longer allow Flash ads to play or animate on pageload. And since this announcement Firefox has followed suit. Moving forward, all Flash content (including ads) in Chrome and Firefox will be paused automatically. The screenshot below depicts what a website will look like when Flash is blocked on Chrome or Firefox.

Chrome is the preferred browser on the Internet and has up to 48% share of the market, that translates into a significant amount of ad impression inventory. Google will still serve the Flash content for available impressions (even though it is paused), therefore the impression will count towards your CPM and ad serving costs.  (more…)

Facebook + Programmatic = Success [Webinar]

Facebook + Programmatic = Success [Webinar]FBX News Feed presents a unique opportunity for marketers to serve ads within a Facebook user’s News Feed and drive offsite conversions using this bigger ad format. By leveraging Choozle’s 1st and 3rd party data, advertisers can retarget users with relevant ads based on their browsing and search history.

This webinar was recorded live on Tuesday, September 1, 2015 at 2:00 PM MST as we covered the opportunities have marketers have with Facebook.




NOW HIRING: Web / UI / Graphic Designer Extraordinaire


Position Overview: 
The Choozle Web / Graphics / UI Designer will be asked to help lead and weigh-in on visual strategies and branding concepts. You need to be a talented designer and be a bit of a “jack-of-all-trades”, be proactive, be a self-starter, and be a creative thinker and executor. You’ll work closely with the internal marketing and development teams.
Job Description: 
Responsibilities include creating graphics, text, and front-end display code for the Choozle website and application, and implementing these through HTML and CSS. You will be updating pages, re-organizing content, and navigating PHP files within the application codebase. Other responsibilities include assisting the Marketing and Client Success teams with creating both digital and printed material such as email marketing, social media graphics, webinar graphics, brochures, case studies, promotional items, etc., as well as creating the digital creative assets for advertising and marketing campaigns. (more…)

Capitalizing on Contextual Targeting [Webinar]

Copy of Copy of Copy of Facebook CoverContextual targeting is another strategy to add to your digital advertising campaigns.  But what is contextual targeting?, What are the considerations for contextual targeting in Choozle?, What campaign objectives would benefit from the use of contextual targeting? and How do you set up a contextually-targeted campaign in Choozle?

This webinar was recorded live on Tuesday, September 1, 2015 at 2:00 PM MST and highlighted the key aspects to contextual targeting and discussed the strategy to bring context to the placement of your ads.


Join Choozle at Colorado Technology Association’s Ad-Tech Industry Briefing

Join Choozle at Colorado Technology Association's Ad-Tech Industry BriefingAt the Colorado Technology Association’s Ad-Tech Industry Briefing, Choozle will join Jeremey Ostermiller of Altitude Digital to present the key developments, trends, and economic outlook of the ad-tech industry.

In this session, the audience will get a crash course look into what the Advertising Technology realm entails, how to use the tools to drive ROI, and explore how it can be used for local digital marketing campaigns. As well as gain a deeper understanding of this rapidly growing industry and gain insight into the future of adtech.


Choozle Sessions At Denver Startup Week

DenverstartupweekDenver Startup Week is coming!

Starting on September 28th, Denver Startup Week is a community-driven week long event to celebrate everything entrepreneurial in the Mile High City. This year focuses on six concurrent tracks of programming – Founder, Developer, Growth, Product, Designer, Maker – with events that includes sessions, presentations, panels, workshops, happy hours, social events, job fairs and much more.


Upcoming Webinar on Unlocking the Power of Programmatic for Agencies

Unlocking the Power of Programmatic for AgenciesThe Choozle platform offers huge benefits for agencies. Choozle offers a simple, self-service platform that allows agencies to optimize their client’s digital marketing campaigns. On Tuesday, September 15, 2015 at 2:00 PM MT the Choozle Client Success team is hosting a webinar to we cover our experience on how agencies have adopted the use of programmatic as well as combatting some of the common challenges for agencies.  Sign up for the webinar here.

As a preview to our webinar we did some number crunching to find unlocking the power of programmatic with the help of Choozle. We analyzed data to find out the exact metrics associated with campaigns running on the Choozle platform. Across 350+ campaigns for agencies in the month of June, we calculated how many of each type of targeting (behavioral/data targeting, contextual, retargeting, geo-location targeting, and mix, which is any of the above four types of targeting layered on top of each other) and calculated how each type performed.


How To Use Data For Creative Development

How To Use Data For Creative DevelopmentThose who own businesses and stores get to know their customers through interacting with them—learning about their lives and needs through conversation. By doing this, businesses can market and provide the products that fit their customers’ needs. This same approach can be applied with digital marketing, but programmatic platforms allow you to know your customer through insights and data.

The first step to using data to inform is to know who your customer is. Once you’ve determined this, you can target that exact customer using data in order to improve your marketing strategy and customer interactions that go beyond the checkout experience. The Choozle platform offers insights that provide you with customer information that strengthens your knowledge of your customer as well as allows you to optimize your marketing strategy based on your customer.


Transition from Flash to HTML5

flashtohtml5Adobe’s Flash has long been bemoaned for its lack of cross-platform compatibility and costly security flaws. At long last, the tide is changing. Google has announced that September 1st its Chrome browser will no longer allow Flash ads to play or animate on pageload. Instead, all Flash content (including ads) will be paused automatically.

At this point you are probably asking – What does this mean for my digital advertising campaigns?  

Simply put, if you are using Flash creative units in your digital advertising campaign you should quickly switch to HTML5 (or other accepted ad formats). If you are currently using Flash creative units you will still be able to run however your performance will be greatly effected. With quality, performance, and availability in mind, we will no longer accept Flash creative units after November 1.