Cost-Per-Thousand vs. Cost-Per-Click vs. Cost-Per-Action

Cost-Per-Thousand vs. Cost-Per-Click vs. Cost-Per-ActionCost per Click. Cost per Mille. Cost per Action. Cost per Lead. Cost per Engagement…

Today’s digital advertising is filled with many different pricing options and campaign metrics to monitor. The Cost-Per-Thousand (CPM), Cost-Per-Click (CPC), and Cost-Per-Action (CPA pricing choices and parameters have significant implications for advertisers’ budgeting strategy and campaign success. Knowing the basics of these metrics are important before diving into any digital advertising campaign strategy.

CPM – payment when an ad is seen

CPM (cost per mille or thousand impressions) is how all programmatic advertising is bought and sold. Under this pricing model the publisher is paid every time a website visitor sees an ad. It’s commonly used where an advertiser wants a branding campaign; the focus is on raising consumer awareness of a company or product rather than persuading them to buy right now.

Example: a website that charges a CPM of $5 will earn $5 for every 1,000 ads that its visitors see.

CPC – payment when an ad is clicked


How Can Agencies Take Advantage of Programmatic

How Can Agencies Take Advantage of ProgrammaticProgrammatic may be a complex landscape to navigate, but the reality is that it’s a necessary component of digital advertising. Big agencies are committing to programmatic—according to Forbes, almost half of agencies expect to use programmatic for 60% of the budgets. The question is, how does it fit into your agency, and how to you seamlessly adopt programmatic? Read below for five tips on how agencies can take advantage of programmatic.

1. The Learning Phase

This is especially important because it dictates how you come to understand what programmatic is and how it can fit into your agency. Learning the programmatic process involves explaining programmatic-related terms in detail, such as the process of media buying through real-time bidding. By breaking down programmatic into simpler terms and observing how other agencies use programmatic in their digital marketing pursuits through case studies, you will be able to get a sense of the industry and how your agency can use it. (more…)

Unlocking the Tremendous Possibilities of Audience Data

Unlocking the Tremendous Possibilities of Audience DataThe rise of programmatic media buying paired with easy to use tools and platform have given advertisers the ability to unlock the hidden gems in their audience data. This type of targeting provides the opportunity to market to their potential customers on a more granule level, using multiple channels, all while maximizing ROI– thanks to better audience data and insights.

Before the adoption of data management platforms, marketers often struggled in making sense of their customer data. This data was limited, stale, and did not offer much detail. Or was dispersed in several platforms or Excel documents. With the rise of programmatic, data targeting has become a central part in the execution of smart digital advertising campaigns. Advertisers use third-party data every day to increase campaign efficiency by identifying desired audiences and allotting ad spend accordingly. When properly utilized, third-party data can help marketers get the most out of their programmatic dollars, and play an integral role in success. However, putting a budget behind a third-party data provider is not always necessary, depending on what first-party data is already available and what type of data is needed for the campaign. When considering using data to inform a campaign, marketers should first assess their campaign goals and what is required to accomplish them, and then when appropriate, incorporate third-party data providers into their strategies (more…)

Why Does CTR Matter?

Why Does CTR Matter?In the digital marketing world the term click-through is gold. More commonly it is referred to as CTR, which stands for “Click Through Rate”. CTR refers the percentage of people visiting a web page who access a hypertext link to a particular advertisement. It is calculated by taking the number of clicks an ad received, and dividing that by the number of displays.

An ad’s CTR represents how well the ad converts a viewer into a clicker.  Literally speaking, that’s all that it measures. A higher CTR represents a more “persuasive” ad than one that has a lower CTR. If we make assumptions about how the ad is being placed, it is somewhat related to the ad’s overall effectiveness at generating business.


Search and Display Advertising… A Perfect Pair: SimplaMATIC

Make Digital Advertising Easy Search and Display Advertising… A Perfect Pair

The two most common types of digital channels are display ads and search ads. The key to getting the biggest success in your digital advertising campaigns is to use them in tandem.

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Make Digital Advertising Easy

How to Start Your Year Off Right with Programmatic

Going into the new year, consumers are increasingly turning to desktop and mobile devices to communicate, make purchases, network, and more. The pressure is on for marketers to leverage programmatic advertising to grab their attention, secure buyers, and deliver business value after the holiday hype. But how do you integrate programmatic media buying into your digital marketing strategy this year?

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Make Digital Advertising Easy

How to Use Choozle’s Campaign Dashboard

Choozle makes it easy to view your top campaign metrics and your ROI through our Campaign Dashboard. It allows you to generate detailed reports in seconds and provides visibility into what is working best.  No data scientists required!

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Make Digital Advertising Easy

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Now Hiring General Accountant

ZZ-v3e4_0yc69bC1BxoOTDgJXQtXruGCpztlj9kSQV0Choozle, Inc. is seeking a General Accountant to join our team at our corporate office in Denver.  The General Accountant will report to the Director of Finance and Operations.


  • Bank and Credit Card Reconciliations
  • Expense Reports
  • Accounts Receivable and Payable
  • Amortization Schedules
  • General Journal Entries
  • Fixed Asset schedules
  • Sales and Use Tax
  • General Office Management
  • Other projects and responsibilities as assigned


ACCOUNT EXECUTIVE – CHOOZLE ( any/all US media markets)

Position Overview:

The sales Account Executive is an integral part of the Choozle team. The position is ideal for someone who wants to scale with a high-growth, venture-funded SaaS enterprise. The ideal candidate has prior experience in digital media and/or ad-tech sales, with a depth of agency and brand marketer relationships. This position will report to the CEO and have tremendous exposure and upside potential including full benefits and a stock option package. If you’re a proven hunter with strong interpersonal skills and desire to make an impact in a fast-paced, high-growth digital environment, please forward your information for immediate consideration.


The Need for Great Landing Pages [Webinar]

The Need for Great Landing Pages [Webinar]When it comes to turning traffic into conversions, landing pages can be the most important aspect of a digital advertising campaign. Remember, landing pages are independent pages dedicated for specific traffic or digital advertising campaign and are designed to drive conversions. For the purposes of this webinar, we are focusing on the relationship between landing pages and digital advertising campaigns, however, the best practices we cover can be applied to all traffic sources.

There are many different benefits that come from having optimized and targeted landing pages in any campaign, to understand these benefits it’s important to understand digital advertising campaigns and how landing pages work within those campaigns.


Tips on Building Impactful Digital Advertising Creative

Facebook CoverOne of the most important elements of any digital advertising campaign is its creative. The creative is the first thing consumers see, determines if they will visit your website, and ultimately is the first step to conversion. Read the tips below to create impactful creative in order to maximize your digital advertising campaign!

  1. Design for your audience. Understanding your target audience is central to your creative. Your ad should be targeting toward your audiences’ specific needs. Therefore, by building an ad with your audiences’ demographics in mind, you will increase engagement, as well as click-through and conversion rates. For example, if your brand sells diapers with your target audience being mothers, you want to design your ads to that demographic. (more…)

Campaign Dashboard Explained [Webinar]

Campaign Dashboard Explained [Webinar]The Campaign Dashboard is a great resource within the Campaigns Tab. The Campaign Dashboard should be your go-to resource in understanding the core metrics of your campaign’s structure, launch and performance.

This product webinar was recorded from a live audience recording on January 12, 2016, and explains how to read the Campaign Dashboard, as well as how to use the dashboard to optimize your campaigns.


The Power of Contextual Targeting | Client Success Corner


The Power of Contextual Targeting | Client Success CornerJanuary is all about trying new things. Perhaps you’ve signed up for an underwater yoga session at your local aquarium or joined a cooking class to learn different ways of making toast. Maybe you’ve even found time to start that Springsteen tribute band that strictly plays “Born to Run” and only books gigs at high school track meets. While you’re at it, why not try something new within the world of digital advertising?

A strong campaign often makes use of a variety of targeting strategies. While data targeting capitalizes on demographic, psychographic, and purchase behavior segments to reach your ideal audience, contextual targeting allows you to advertise on specific categories of sites in order to reach customers you didn’t even know you had. Contextual targeting is often cost effective, drives great traffic, and acts as yet another tool to turn those advertising dollars into conversions.


5 Keys to Success for Retargeting Campaigns

5 Keys to Success for Retargeting CampaignsRetargeting is a powerful tool for your advertising campaign, but what are the ways in which you can ensure its success for your brand? Retargeting allows you to target consumers that visited your website without converting by displaying your brand’s advertisements as they browse other websites. As such, retargeting acts as an effective targeting method because your brand stays at the top of your consumers’ minds even as they are looking at other products. Find out the five keys to success for retargeting campaigns below!


  1. Use Segmentation: Through segmentation, you are able to tailor ad messages with different stages of the purchase funnel. This allows for more effective retargeting, as it is personalized to the page the consumer visited on your website. For instance, if the consumer only visited the homepage of your website, you can target these consumers with a general branding message. If a user viewed a specific product, you can serve them an ad that contains that product so that they’re reminded of it. By using segmentation, you can make the ad your serving to the consumer more personalized based on their activity on your website.


Reading Detailed Reports [Webinar]

Reading Detailed Reports [WebinarYou’ve set up a new digital advertising campaign and it recently launched. Now what? Do you sit back, hope for the best and wait to see conversions, or do you proactively manage and optimize the campaigns regularly?

You probably could have guessed that the correct answer is the latter. Initial campaign management and regular optimization are key to seeing the best ROI of your digital advertising investment. Managing and optimizing your digital advertising campaigns is key to making you look like a pro. (Don’t worry the Choozle team is here to help!) (more…)